Project Estimator

The following calculators below are to provide you with a rough estimate of how much your project will most likely cost. Please note this is not a firm price. If the price is around the budget that you would like to spend please submit the form for that particular estimate and we will be in touch to arrange a visit to provide a more accurate costing.

Bath Room Price Estimator

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      Tearout of existing fixtures and disposal of garbage.
      Installation of new soaker tub, faucet, waterproof wallboard and tile.
      Installation of an acrylic shower base & door system with wall tile finish.
      Installation of a sand & cement custom shower (door not included).
      Installation of new subfloor with new tile (including tile baseboard).
      Installation of new standard vanity and top, sink, faucet and new shut-offs.
      Installation of new freestanding vanity and top, sink, faucet & new shut-offs.
      Installation of toilet and a new shut-off.
      Repair walls and paint bathroom.
      Install new towel bars and hardware (hardware to be supplied by customer).
      Replace existing bathroom fan.
      Install new bathroom fan with electrical.
      Install in floor heat system.

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Basement Price Estimator

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      Framing exterior basement walls
      Framing interior basement walls
      Drywall interior, exterior walls and ceilings not including utility room
      Tape & mud walls and ceilings including stipple or knockdown installation
      Installation of carpet & underpad
      Installation of laminate flooring
      Install passage and closet doors
      Install trim to doors, windows and baseboard
      Paint basement, doors and trims with customer choice of paint
      Drawing of basement layout showing walls, sizing, bathroom fixtures, electrical etc. that can be submitted and is accepted by the City of Calgary for permit approval includes building permit
      Add rough electrical including breakers, wire, boxes, switches, plugs and potlights **
      Installation of bathroom fixtures including tub, vanity, toilet & tiling **
      **Materials included

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